>>> The following form is used to register for Main Session of the School - LECTURES, and for workshops that are optional.

1. The participation in main session of the School - lectures - is free of charge.

2. You can participate additionally in workshops organised at Nuclear Centre Świerk or National Radioactive Waste Repository in Różan. The cost of the participation:
- regular fee - 50 Euro for one workshop,
- all students - 40 Euro for one workshop.
When you register you must declare your preferred dates of the workshops: 14 or 17 November. The number of participants of workshops is limited - in Świerk and Rozan - to 50 people.
Please remember - these workshops will be conducted in Polish.

3. On November 17, there will be the special workshop "VINCO Technical Meeting". The lectures will be presented only in English. Participation in this workshop is free of charge. 

4. We reserve the right to change your declared dates of the workshops (in Świerk and Różan).

5. After submitting the registration form you will receive a confirmation email. Then the system will generate a pro forma invoice. 
This invoice will be sent as an attachment within 24 hours. Please make a payment to the bank account indicated on the invoice. The final invoice will be issued after the payment to the bank account of the Institute.

6. IMPORTANT! If you wish to participate in workshops in the Nuclear Centre Świerk or National Radioactive Waste Repository in Rozan you have to send us the scan of your ID or passport to prepare the pass! You should have declared document during the workshops.

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